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Responsible Tourism

Tourism in Kovalam


Responsible tourism is ecosystem-wide and large-scale, conceived with all kinds of duties that are termed the 'triple backside line' monetary responsibility, social accountability, and environmental responsibility. Responsible tourism generates multiplied monetary benefits for nearby human beings and enhances the well-being of nearby communities. Amara Ayurveda Retreat is the best Ayurveda healing centre in Kerala. It also makes extremely good contributions to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage and the renovation of the world's diversity. Ecosystem construction and neighbourhood environments are sophisticated and interconnected. We have realised that working with the earth is a two-way project. To keep balance and work nicely, we prefer to return as much, perhaps more, than we take from the earth. Recent Kerala floods have made us recognise that if we make the most of nature, we invite larger natural disasters. We at Amara have tried and are constantly trying to do our bit to promote accountable tourism.


We proudly boast that in the entire construction and its daily running of Amara Ayurveda Retreat’s healing centre in Kovalam where it is beautiful with nature. Rainwater is harvested in the in-built or herbal pond internal to the property and used for all improvement purposes. We preserve all the rain that we get. It helps us go closer to greater self-sufficiency.


We are conscious of the electricity scarcity and are constantly in search of procedures to restrict the use of electricity. All of our heat and water are photovoltaic-powered. In the future, we are additionally planning to restrict our dependence on electrical electricity and change to photovoltaic power.


Packaged water in plastic bottles has become a huge environmental hassle for the hospitality industry. In our efforts to minimise our plastic waste burden, we now bottle and serve purified glowing water in glass bottles that can be reused.


We have agreed to install a bio-gas plant for recycling sturdy meal waste into gasoline; additionally, we will use STP for waste water recycling for gardening.


We admire the way of life and social values of Kerala. We assist the nearby monetary gadget by imparting employment and shopping for a wide variety of neighbourhood commodities and services.