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AMARA AYURVEDA RETREAT (AMARA means everlasting one or eternal in Sanskrit) the notion is based totally on the sustainable and accountable tourism with maintaining in idea to create and preserve a lovely surroundings and environment in which to stay with. From the opening of this Retreat, we have pledged to practise the new world Mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Re Cycling in all the fields of this Retreat. Amara Ayurveda Resorts in Kovalam, is the best option for your mental wisdom. Resorts in Kovalam Majority of the constructing partitions are made with Red Earth, Country Bricks and it is Soothing for your mind and body.

The substantial thing of taking accountability for the surroundings and its human beings makes this absolutely distinct from others around then first of it is variety resort in Kerala Tourism. The Retreat is made with a unique kind of abode, Rammed earth additionally regarded as taipa in Portuguese.

There is a robust ardour at the back of this surroundings pleasant AMARA AYURVEDA RETREAT, Mr. FLEMIN WELBEN has tremendous trip in the area of hospitality being the promoter and whole time director of Personalised Holidays India Private Limited, which owns the 1868 Heritage Hotel property at Alleppey Beach. Amara Ayurveda Resorts in Trivandrum is the option for rejuvenate your body and soul. As our dedication to being nature pleasant we agree with giving back to nature and this displays in each factor of Amara by means of minimized use of present day development substances to an exquisite extent via the use of quite a number offbeat techniques in constructing like Respiratory Rammed Earth walls ( Reduced Construction Materials by way of domestically availed Red Earth from the site), a hundred percent Reused Old School clay roof tiles, one hundred percent Recycled Water from rain water harvested in the ponds had been used for all degrees of this undertaking from the first day of the construction.