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Ayurvedic Resort

"AMARA AYURVEDA RETREAT" (AMARA means Eternal in Sanskrit) the concept is based on the sustainable and responsible tourism with keeping in mind to Create and maintain a beautiful environment and surroundings in which to live with. From the beginning of this Retreat we have pledged to practise the new world Mantra of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in all the fields of this Retreat. Majority of the building walls are made with Red Earth, Country Bricks,

The significant aspect of taking responsibility for the environment and its people makes this retreat totally different from others around then first of it's kind in Kerala Tourism.The Retreat is made with a unique type of abode, Rammed earth also known as taipa in Portuguese..

There is a strong passion behind this environment friendly AMARA AYURVEDA RETREAT, Mr. FLEMIN WELBEN has immense experience in the field of hospitality being the promoter and full time director of Personalised Holidays India Private Limited, which owns the Beach Property, 1868's RAHEEM RESIDENCY one of the most sought after CLASSIFIED HERITAGE Beach resort in Alleppey for last 17 Years. Because of his vast experience in the same line of business viz., hospitality industry and with his passion for aesthetic eco-friendly buildings & traditional Kerala Ayurveda made him delightfully create the earthen cocoon, Amara Ayurveda Retreat for you. As our commitment to being nature friendly we believe in giving back to nature and this reflects in every aspect of Amara by minimized use of modern construction materials to a great extent by using various offbeat methods in building like breathing Rammed Earth walls(Reduced Construction Materials by locally availed Red Earth from the site), 100% Reused Old country clay roof tiles, 100% Recycled Water from rain water harvested in the ponds were used for all stages of this project from the first day of the construction.